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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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Pulled Apart

She slid her fingers down every string, pulled apart the bone and skin, her touch brought out the wild thing, spirit lifted, she felt the sting, for in her eyes there was life and death, she broke apart  that fading soul, whispered words that had been unsaid, she shattered just to make it whole, her hands… Continue reading Pulled Apart

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The Endless Night

Go deeper still,  the  velvet touch Curse the darkness , lose the fight Shimmer stars within my blood, Take me from this endless night Pierce my spirit, steal my soul Blind my eyes, heal my bones Tease my mind, light the coal Burn the sticks, heat the stones Go deeper still, drink from the silk… Continue reading The Endless Night

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The Days and Nights

She is weak when you smile The dark turns to light She looks in those eyes It’s like an open window and flight You say her name, it’s a confession The love pulls her under like waves You toss and turn her passion The feeling you give saves She drinks the blood in your veins… Continue reading The Days and Nights

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Hand To The Fire

All the days and all the nights, she never left you out in the dark, even when her strength was gone, she kept you in her sights, even when you left her standing there holding her bleeding heart, the time flew by, her youth came and went away, but you still held her with that… Continue reading Hand To The Fire

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Days Of Rain..

It’s the rainbow after days of rain, showers dance through that sky, she lands on the clouds, no more pain, an angel, she doesn’t have to try, It’s the lightning that brought her here, now she becomes that light, the sky opens, all becomes clear, an angel, she doesn’t have to fight, It’s the silence… Continue reading Days Of Rain..

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In The Darkness~Through The Light

In the darkness, through the light,  I watch you break apart tonight, arms folded across your chest, the halo of fire as you take flight, In the moon’s glow is the shimmer of stars fading in my eyes, In the breaking dawn, I look into the ocean watching as you rise, the only clouds lined… Continue reading In The Darkness~Through The Light

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Into Her Depths

She didn’t become anything but what she became, the laughter pushed down, the wild, tame, She hadn’t released the demons she’d called, she let every optimism become hidden and walled, She had smiled so easily when she was naive, now her heart had been scarred and she couldn’t believe, She wasn’t unsure once upon a… Continue reading Into Her Depths

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