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I wanted to close my eyes and drift off to my dreams, but as the night becomes shorter and the day closer, I realized they weren’t there behind my eyes, but there between the seams of light and dark, and caught in shorter sighs, like the sunset and the seagulls, like the fire and the… Continue reading Second

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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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Pulled Apart

She slid her fingers down every string, pulled apart the bone and skin, her touch brought out the wild thing, spirit lifted, she felt the sting, for in her eyes there was life and death, she broke apart  that fading soul, whispered words that had been unsaid, she shattered just to make it whole, her hands… Continue reading Pulled Apart

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In The Quiet, In The Dark

There’s a fault in my sky cracking open where I lie the stars know every wish in my mind as it twists hope sits at the edge just words on a list The wind is my dredge pulling the gold from my heart turning cold, you said in the quiet, in the dark words written… Continue reading In The Quiet, In The Dark

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Treasure & Token

She had forgotten how to hold on Just a shadow of what was gone A broken star with no sky to belong A dust that blew in a forgotten song The silk of her skin turning to leather The mysteries of life she knew better   The crystal ball reflecting a falling feather  Laying on… Continue reading Treasure & Token

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She Could Have….

She’s forgotten everything The days become a blur The mornings and the nights bring only wasted time…to her She’s lost inside the aching The hours seem to creep She was yours for the taking Now her soul fell asleep She’s frozen in the memory The touch you left behind The way you seemed to set… Continue reading She Could Have….

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I Think..Just Let It Be

She says, come back here, like your memory, I sometimes wish for no gravity, She says, you know I’m gonna hold you down, I think, oh no baby, not this time around, She says, do you remember when, I think, if only you saw what I saw then, She says, you know you’re always on… Continue reading I Think..Just Let It Be

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Backward Clocks

She wasn’t the sun, but the dew that sank into my skin, leaving behind a storm always brewing just under her fingertips, stilled, my soul scatters among the ruins, a forest filled with secret places, a shore where the waves pour over dunes, my sky darkens with her kindness, my soul wanders in the clouds… Continue reading Backward Clocks

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She Breathes Against The Veil

Feel no pain, only the silk of her innocence, the fire in her heart, the fire down below, pouring out her power like the thunder in the rain, traveling through like the speed of light, wearing her down like a river wears… the stone and at the bottom of the falls, turning over and over… Continue reading She Breathes Against The Veil

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I Am Slain

I watched you spark when you slept, saw the fire when there was release, softly wrapped my fingers in your hair, saw the dreams you left behind, …in your eyes, I walked the floors when you’d leave, felt the desire when you came back to me, gently you held me to your chest, feeling when… Continue reading I Am Slain

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