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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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How softly the winds blow, a sweet caressing breeze, it awakens, as though the winter claimed, nearly, my last breath, just taken, …again the sun on my face scorches with its fire underneath my skins, my hands reach for the tumbled earth, this love, …never forsaken, kneeling in the tender blades, heads reared like a… Continue reading Spring

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My Insanity

Well, it’s almost Fall and I’m cutting Zinnias and watching for the Four O’Clocks to open their sweet faces every afternoon. The Hummingbirds visit their feeder every few hours during the day and evening and my chimes play beautiful tones whose song can close my eyes as I drift off to their music. The stars are amazing… Continue reading My Insanity

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When I Go There

Passion, that rising up inside that awakens my spirit, that drive to accomplish something, the total belief that …I will. Passion and belief seem to go hand in hand and then it happens. My heart beats for it. It’s hard to understand me, and I know that all too well. I feel as though there’s… Continue reading When I Go There

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Ashes To Ashes

There is no distance between heaven and hell The sound of your voice or the stories you tell There is no mercy when it comes to love It pierces, bleeds, heals, like an eagle, a dove There is no sense between the fight and who’s right The back words and silence come in the night… Continue reading Ashes To Ashes

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:::wait a minute:::

  I’m not sure if you ever figure yourself out, at least for me, it’s an ever-changing landscape in here where no one else but me, knows me. Sometimes I am confused by the emotional aspect of life. Sometimes I can see things through logical and analytical thought, there are gray areas…no, not fifty shades…but… Continue reading :::wait a minute:::

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A gentle breeze touches her skin, a warm sun blankets the chill, she feels a growth within, like a garden being filled, even in the day, she longs for the stars, the stillness of the darkness, the moon to heal the open scars, paint them over like an artist, the poison pulled from her mind,… Continue reading Gravity

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