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I wanted to close my eyes and drift off to my dreams, but as the night becomes shorter and the day closer, I realized they weren’t there behind my eyes, but there between the seams of light and dark, and caught in shorter sighs, like the sunset and the seagulls, like the fire and the… Continue reading Second

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Life Without Life

My passion is my poison, that smile just wrecks and ruins me,  I can see you laughing in the sun, Those memories go right through me, You’re the lightning in this storm, The chain that wraps me up in lust, You walked me down this road,   The only love that I can trust, There’s… Continue reading Life Without Life

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Pulled Apart

She slid her fingers down every string, pulled apart the bone and skin, her touch brought out the wild thing, spirit lifted, she felt the sting, for in her eyes there was life and death, she broke apart  that fading soul, whispered words that had been unsaid, she shattered just to make it whole, her hands… Continue reading Pulled Apart

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In The Quiet, In The Dark

There’s a fault in my sky cracking open where I lie the stars know every wish in my mind as it twists hope sits at the edge just words on a list The wind is my dredge pulling the gold from my heart turning cold, you said in the quiet, in the dark words written… Continue reading In The Quiet, In The Dark

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There They Are

It wasn’t because of anything, but because of so many things that I felt were keeping me from growing. I didn’t feel differently about anyone in my life, I just felt differently about myself.  I knew the options, I knew change would change everything but I knew I had to become comfortable in my own… Continue reading There They Are

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The Endless Night

Go deeper still,  the  velvet touch Curse the darkness , lose the fight Shimmer stars within my blood, Take me from this endless night Pierce my spirit, steal my soul Blind my eyes, heal my bones Tease my mind, light the coal Burn the sticks, heat the stones Go deeper still, drink from the silk… Continue reading The Endless Night

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Until It’s Fire

There’s  a broken side to every strength, time walks you through the walls, you push to the point of breaking, nothing to tell you the length,   There’s clouds in every sky,  drift in and out,  the days dance like gypsies,  Memories in the songs of what we’re about, spinning  in every dawn we see,… Continue reading Until It’s Fire

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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe There’s no past or future left in me I feel the power of your words in this moment As the wind crosses your lips on that summit I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain I washed away… Continue reading It Is Spoken

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Treasure & Token

She had forgotten how to hold on Just a shadow of what was gone A broken star with no sky to belong A dust that blew in a forgotten song The silk of her skin turning to leather The mysteries of life she knew better   The crystal ball reflecting a falling feather  Laying on… Continue reading Treasure & Token

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The Days and Nights

She is weak when you smile The dark turns to light She looks in those eyes It’s like an open window and flight You say her name, it’s a confession The love pulls her under like waves You toss and turn her passion The feeling you give saves She drinks the blood in your veins… Continue reading The Days and Nights

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