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I wanted to close my eyes and drift off to my dreams, but as the night becomes shorter and the day closer, I realized they weren’t there behind my eyes, but there between the seams of light and dark, and caught in shorter sighs, like the sunset and the seagulls, like the fire and the… Continue reading Second

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Then Feel…

Lessons burned into your soul, forgotten messages written in sand, the sound of rain as the thunder rolls,  storms spin you ’round ’til you understand, some make you quake from the inside out, some break you down until you ache, you cross the lines knowing what you’re about, then it feels like more than you… Continue reading Then Feel…

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One Is Taken

There’s the sky, the stars seemed fated, she sat beneath asking ..why..love was jaded, each point of light fell to earth, never sated, the sky knew its worth, she had created, but the stars fell like a burning blanket, that moon and the sun open and naked, in those beams she remembered that day, she… Continue reading One Is Taken

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No Fairytale Here

Mmm..when she whispers so close that her lips touch my skin, the bites on my neck that always remain, her fingertips trailing the bones of my face, when she drowns in my eyes, it’s never erased, when the passion has risen and she calls my name, the sinew and muscles cannot be tamed, the beat… Continue reading No Fairytale Here

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Fire In The Rain

Her whispers peel back your skin, her fingers trail over every sin, she tossed back her mane, eyes flashin’ fire in the rain she was standing in, She never looks at what is broken,  can’t recall all the words spoken, she never hears the sound slipping through your lips, unsure of what has been awoken, Those… Continue reading Fire In The Rain

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There’s Always One

If the sun seems a little hotter, if the rain makes it a little cooler, there’s always a place to run, there’s always one. She whispers but the words never cross her lips, She passes through, breathlessness in her hips. The quiver of her soul, shaking her from heaven down below. If her hair shines… Continue reading There’s Always One

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Like A Room Without A Door

Breaking through to a soul, knowing which way to go. Knowing a spirit before you meet, is like being awakened though you sleep. Speaking as if you have the dream. Breaking on me, you’re the wave I need. Hearing the words echoed back, Baby, you keep me looking down that track. You once told me… Continue reading Like A Room Without A Door

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Water To Drink, A Place To Drown

Come sit a while with me, the moon is almost full, the clouds coming in, a storm is brewing There’s wings of angels that pass through, a strange silent pull in the winds that are blowing, Come hear the quiet voice singing low, the sweetest sound from where she flew, That night moans and cries… Continue reading Water To Drink, A Place To Drown

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Eleven, Eleven

there’s a line we cross when we leave the other side that place where love never ever knows the dark there’s a star that crosses all the skies a memory of you that plays again when it sparks the angels are singing when I look again into those eyes that touch that makes my heart… Continue reading Eleven, Eleven

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