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Behind The Wall…

How many times do I press my face into the pillow, now I live with regrets, now I cannot open myself up to be hurt, I question everything in my life, is this what believing gets it all sways in front of me, like a weeping willow, how do I discern the truth, when I’ve… Continue reading Behind The Wall…

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Until It’s Fire

There’s  a broken side to every strength, time walks you through the walls, you push to the point of breaking, nothing to tell you the length,   There’s clouds in every sky,  drift in and out,  the days dance like gypsies,  Memories in the songs of what we’re about, spinning  in every dawn we see,… Continue reading Until It’s Fire

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Just A Part Of Me

I often find myself just leaning back in my wicker rocker and staring at the sky, I don’t know what I’m looking for but the wide open space seems to release the stress in me. I love sitting there on a clear starlit night, fortunately I live in the country where it is very dark… Continue reading Just A Part Of Me

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