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What She Brings

  Then she covered me, kisses soft as silk, bidding me down from the sky she plucked away my wings, but even so, she healed the wounds I’d felt, whispering with a sigh, she held me against her leather, her hands wound around my waist, lips that took my breath away, she broke apart each… Continue reading What She Brings

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The Ghost In Me

She’s always going to be my deepest love. I don’t care who likes it or who doesn’t. I’ve struggled so hard watching from so far away and my fears get the best of me. I felt so torn apart, it’s too hard to watch the love of your life give other things so much power,… Continue reading The Ghost In Me

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Pulled Apart

She slid her fingers down every string, pulled apart the bone and skin, her touch brought out the wild thing, spirit lifted, she felt the sting, for in her eyes there was life and death, she broke apart  that fading soul, whispered words that had been unsaid, she shattered just to make it whole, her hands… Continue reading Pulled Apart

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There They Are

It wasn’t because of anything, but because of so many things that I felt were keeping me from growing. I didn’t feel differently about anyone in my life, I just felt differently about myself.  I knew the options, I knew change would change everything but I knew I had to become comfortable in my own… Continue reading There They Are

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Even As It Pours

There’s no switch they tell me, but I flick it off, don’t hear the words, You must have felt me quiver as the wind passed across what used to be, The lightning flashes, here comes the sea what I see I don’t believe even as it pours the cold in your words makes me shiver… Continue reading Even As It Pours

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No Time To Swerve

Oh you get it now! Well isn’t that always the way, under the moon just makin’ your day, that sweet little giggle, that moan when when you play, you give her that visual and it just blows her away, those innuendoes of what is to come, makin’ her wiggle under your thumb, she isn’t your… Continue reading No Time To Swerve

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The Tomboy Twist

I read a great blog this morning from http://mainelybutch.wordpress.com that prompted me to write of my experiences of realizations that came to me at a very young age. I identify as femme, and for all purposes present as femme, but there is a side of me that I seldom have the notion to speak about. Because… Continue reading The Tomboy Twist

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