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Little Boy….Blue

Take care of your own sins… You don’t own a throne… Nobody ever wins… When everyone’s gone… You think you’re  the shit… Put yourself on a pedestal… You ain’t even fit… You’ll take the fall… Take care of your own shit… You there up on your horse.. Walkin’ around empty as hell.. Par for the… Continue reading Little Boy….Blue

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Days Of Rain..

It’s the rainbow after days of rain, showers dance through that sky, she lands on the clouds, no more pain, an angel, she doesn’t have to try, It’s the lightning that brought her here, now she becomes that light, the sky opens, all becomes clear, an angel, she doesn’t have to fight, It’s the silence… Continue reading Days Of Rain..

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Then Feel…

Lessons burned into your soul, forgotten messages written in sand, the sound of rain as the thunder rolls,  storms spin you ’round ’til you understand, some make you quake from the inside out, some break you down until you ache, you cross the lines knowing what you’re about, then it feels like more than you… Continue reading Then Feel…

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And She, My Breath

  She said come to my soul, I stumbled and tripped, she said you know I’m home, the veil was torn, the dress, it was ripped, she traced the lines on my face, looked into my eyes filled with flames, she said, I know it hasn’t been this way, I’ll never leave you all alone,… Continue reading And She, My Breath

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