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What She Brings

  Then she covered me, kisses soft as silk, bidding me down from the sky she plucked away my wings, but even so, she healed the wounds I’d felt, whispering with a sigh, she held me against her leather, her hands wound around my waist, lips that took my breath away, she broke apart each… Continue reading What She Brings

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Behind The Wall…

How many times do I press my face into the pillow, now I live with regrets, now I cannot open myself up to be hurt, I question everything in my life, is this what believing gets it all sways in front of me, like a weeping willow, how do I discern the truth, when I’ve… Continue reading Behind The Wall…

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Life Without Life

My passion is my poison, that smile just wrecks and ruins me,  I can see you laughing in the sun, Those memories go right through me, You’re the lightning in this storm, The chain that wraps me up in lust, You walked me down this road,   The only love that I can trust, There’s… Continue reading Life Without Life

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Until It’s Fire

There’s  a broken side to every strength, time walks you through the walls, you push to the point of breaking, nothing to tell you the length,   There’s clouds in every sky,  drift in and out,  the days dance like gypsies,  Memories in the songs of what we’re about, spinning  in every dawn we see,… Continue reading Until It’s Fire

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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe There’s no past or future left in me I feel the power of your words in this moment As the wind crosses your lips on that summit I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain I washed away… Continue reading It Is Spoken

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Just A Broken Clock

And she ran around in circles, up and down the long paved roads, lookin’ for those miracles, into the great unknown, she wrote the words on empty pages, she knew she couldn’t fake it, held her hand out for ages, but her heart forsake it, through her eyes she saw the way, but she couldn’t… Continue reading Just A Broken Clock

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I Don’t Have To Think Of You!

Right in the midst of things I think of you, and I think of how you stole a part of me that I can never get back. I think of the deliberate acts of evil and the sadness you left in me. I think of how I wish I knew how to forget, how to… Continue reading I Don’t Have To Think Of You!

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In The Darkness~Through The Light

In the darkness, through the light,  I watch you break apart tonight, arms folded across your chest, the halo of fire as you take flight, In the moon’s glow is the shimmer of stars fading in my eyes, In the breaking dawn, I look into the ocean watching as you rise, the only clouds lined… Continue reading In The Darkness~Through The Light

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