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It Is Spoken

I fall silent with the breaths you breathe There’s no past or future left in me I feel the power of your words in this moment As the wind crosses your lips on that summit I’ve felt the passion, sitting on that mountain Baptized by the rain that fell like a fountain I washed away… Continue reading It Is Spoken

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And She, My Breath

  She said come to my soul, I stumbled and tripped, she said you know I’m home, the veil was torn, the dress, it was ripped, she traced the lines on my face, looked into my eyes filled with flames, she said, I know it hasn’t been this way, I’ll never leave you all alone,… Continue reading And She, My Breath

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Your Last Sigh

✫*.¸¸.✶*¨`*.✫✫*¨*.¸¸.✶**.✫ do not let your last meal be regret in the midnight of the mind, when your spirit would scream for the past, where your heart would be misaligned, for only one way can be obeyed, just one during all your time, throw away the masks you’ve made within that forest one can go blind,… Continue reading Your Last Sigh

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Ever Gonna Be You

Who’s making you cry, making you cry, there’s no reason to deny, that connection just a recollection, do you feel it emptying from you, bleeding that affection, a release of tension, It was never about me, just walking through, Who’s stealing your dreams, stealing your dreams, I hear it as your mind screams, Always fire… Continue reading Ever Gonna Be You

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